I have ruined some valuable possessions and discovered the right way to clean them too late. How would you go about cleaning ormolu, ebony or terrazzo tiles?
Victoria and Albert Museum in London is one of the most informative sources for information of this sort. I was very surprised that they recommended spit as one of the best cleaning products for gold and ormolu.

I was even more surprised to learn that the web site which recommended the products for cleaning antique lace stated that many people recommended the same product as the best cleaner for a horses’ coats. Comments from horse owners or veterinary practices are extremely welcome on this an other subjects.

It is important for all responsible pet owners to keep informed on this subject. Plants have been here a lot longer than we have and they are constantly evolving. Extreme vigilance is vital. I was very upset to read an article in a British broadsheet newspaper, (The Daily Telegraph) telling its readers how to grow “monkshood” AKA “woolfsbane” in their borders.” How to grow monkshood. This seems utterly irresponsible to me’ when only recently we get news that a professional gardener most probably died as a result of touching monkshood without gloves. Death of Hampshire Gardener caused by touching “monkshood” without gloves. True or false? How many dogs and puppies will chew the plant and die, if it is grown as a garden border plant.

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