I left a fashionable girls’ boarding school that had an uncanny resemblance to St Trinians, with seven “O” Levels and an excellent knowledge of turf accountancy. My parents insisted that I learn to use my brain on something academic, so they sent me to the local technical college to do my “A Levels.” I found physics chemistry and biology more interesting than horse racing so I gave trying to make money as a punter.

When I passed A” Levels, university was not an option. My parents had got into severe financial straits after two bad harvests and a swine fever epidemic. They had to sell our farm and funds were very short indeed. There were no student grants in the nineteen fifties. I had to try and make a good career for myself.

I made made my first faltering steps into the wide, wide, world of Internet marketing in June 2002 and discovered a “den of thieves.” Nothing has changed since I made that statement way back in 2002.

The majority of people, who describe themselves as “Internet Marketers” are not marketers at all. A surprising number are, porn merchants people traffickers, hackers or con artists. Most are ordinary people, who are deliberately or inadvertently selling these ponzi and pyramid schemes, to augment a dwindling income. Ponzi and pyramid schemes are not money games. They are all illegal and they cause incalculable financial devastation.
Ponzi schemes.----Pyramid schemes.

I decided to garner all the information which I was capable of assimilating, from the legal authorities and top echelon scam busters about the people, who were causing financial devastation . Eternal vigilance is essential to avoid being devoured by con artists of the
Nicholas Smirnow and Bob Krimm variety.

I began to admire the dedicated people in various scam busting communities, many
of whom were lawyers, journalists, and senior academics. Later on I decided to join the community, which I felt was the best of the bunch,
RealScam . I was thrilled that they soon accepted me as a valued member of the community. I regard myself as a a dedicated scam buster now and I have just. started a new. Cons & Fraud web site.

I spent the first six years of my working life as a chemistry technician then I had a stroke of luck. I was offered job as an interviewer in a recruitment agency for scientists and technicians and accepted it,

I Ioved the work and progressed rapidly. Every new venture seemed to turn to gold in the halcyon days of the sixties. It was not long before I was appointed as manager of the agency’s scientific division which had nine team members. I was not interested in managing people and I was moved on.

I was absolutely devastated when I was asked to leave the scientific department and work on the recruitment of electronic engineers on a ” learn as you go” basis. It was not difficult to learn some of the lingo used by electronic hardware and software engineers. That generation of electronic engineers were unique, the completely dedicated men and women who forged the technological revolution. I found it a great privilege to be an agent for these people.

After eighteen months another agency approached me and offered me a much better paid job. Their main business was recruitment of accountancy personnel but they wanted to diversify and they needed somebody to set up a new division for scientists and electronic engineers. The new division grew to be almost as big as their accountancy division. I was in the right place at the right time and I was head hunted for another position Which I accepted.

I started as Managing Director and 20% shareholder with Charles Airey Associates in 1970. It was an agency which only dealt with electronic hardware and software engineers. Getting it off the ground was hard, the winds of recession were blowing hard and only the tough survived. One director and shareholder bit the dust and I bought his 20% interest for a song. When times became really tough it became apparent that the industry had expanded so much that it was going to be impossible to work without a computer. Charles Airey who was the majority shareholder was allergic to computers and he knew that his days as owner of an electronic engineering agency were numbered. I bought his interest and gave 1% of the equity in the company to my husband.

I pioneered the use of database management techniques on a bespoke 8 bit system (the
Compucolor II.) and wasted somewhere in the region of £40K in a few years. Staff could not or would not adapt to working with a computer and insisted on keeping their own paper records. I got lost in a sea of paper and disgruntled employees. I had to close the business. My husband lost his job and our home was repossessed by the mortgage company and we fought each other until there was no way forward other than through the divorce court.

Things got better after the divorce. I went on several courses in Industrial psychometric profiling and found it so enthralling that I offered my services as a recruitment consultant to several local employment agencies and started earning again.

Recession hit and opportunities for a free lance recruitment consultant dwindled to a trickle. I tried my hand at antique dealing which was extremely profitable in the nineteen nineties but I found it hard to sell my goodies on,

I had to cut my cloth according to my means and settle down to a quiet life on a modest income. It was then that the idea of starting an “Internet Marketing” business and making a bomb working from home struck me. I became one of millions to join the gold rush.

I did not find “The Road to Riches” but I found “
The Path2prosperity. It is long and tortuous route and you are certain to loose your way at times. It involves overcoming obstacles and barriers to progress. I have had threats of legal action and bribes from many of the ponzi pimps who object to my stance against their scam programs. I hope that my experience can be of use to other people.

I made some pretty daunting enemies including the convicted felon Nick Smirnow, (whose henchmen suggested that it was my site that had been appropriating his Pathway2prosperity funds,) and Bob Krimm.