Online Scammer’s Armageddon.

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It is hard to put a date on the time when the course of the war to deal with Internet Crime took a turn for the better but I consider April 2008 to be a very significant date in Internet history.

The G20 World Leaders met in London in April 2008, to discuss policy on the shadow banking industry. It was the beginning of a period of history, which I describe as “Online Scammer’s Armageddon.” The first fruit of this liaison was the establishment of a multinational financial fraud enforcement task force, This gave people the opportunity to report financial frauds from countries other than their own. It was also a turning point in the life of ponzi promoting advertising boards.

It is impossible for me to list more than a few of the worst scam and ponzi advertising sites but I have researched a few very thoroughly.  Most scam advertising boards usually refer to themselves as money making forums. Several of the worst including ASA Global Opportunities, MyCashForums and The Safelist have been forced to close and many others are in a position where they will have to clean up their acts or be closed down by International law enforcement authorities.  The worst which I have encountered are.

1 Adlandpro

2 MMG (MoneyMakerGroup)

3) TalkGold. HYIP, money and investment forum.

This blog is designed to introduce  householders and small business in London and the Home Counties to those who offer  first class products and services online. It is also my intention to name and shame some of those who set out to defraud newcomers to Internet sales, marketing and advertising.

I advise anybody who wishes to keep up with International news on criminal convictions and prosecutions in the cyber crime arena, to bookmark the Canadian journalist (Patrick Pretty)’s blog. Patrick worked as a member of the Canadian Mounted Police before he became a journalist. He is unsurpassed in his efforts to bring news to the geneal public in the English speaking world.

Patrick Pretty Blog.

Another invaluable source of information on cybercrime is  Eagle Research AssociatesLynne  Edgington, the founder and CEO has published an extremely informative book on the modus opperandi of these cyber criminals which can help the general public from becoming victims of these cyber criminals entitled  “Robbing You with a Keyboard Instead of a Gun.

Eagle Research Associates. ——- “Robbing You with a Keyboard Instead of a Gun.”

Last but not least is the first class consumer advocy forum RealScam founder by Heather Dobrott who best friend committed suicide after an encounter with a recidivist cyber criminal. Heather spent a large sum of her own money bringing the culprit to justice and she has built a first class reputation as a top echelon scam buster who uses the online nickname Soapboxmum

RealScam  ——-Heather Dobrott (soapboxmom)

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