Simon Stepsys Internet Millionaire or Con Artist? Going Going Gone?

Aug 22, 2015 | | 1 comment

A British con artist who poses as an lnternet millionaire, continues to place adverisments which are designed to obtain funds for his so called advertising platforms, despite ruling from The Advertising Standards Authority and exposure by The Daily Mirror.

Andrew Penman from The Daily Mirror describes Stepsys as a charlaton who makes it extremely easy for reporters to expose.


“The self-styled “internet millionaire” flaunts his wealth all over social media, with endless photographs posing with a Porsche, Bentley, cigars, gold watches and rings. One thing he doesn’t appear to have bought is good taste. He’s currently promoting something called My Advertising Pays through his website and his company Simon Stepsys Success International Ltd.

“Start living the life you have always dreamed of,” he gushes. “Making money with this is HIGHLY ADDICTING!” (note: not a real word)”

Andrew Penman also reports the fact that this crook has a record. His photograps of the slimy toad


“Back in 1998 the Office of Fair Trading accused him of “preying on the vulnerable” with home-working schemes that promised lucrative returns.

The following year, the High Court banned him from promoting the schemes with an injunction that also applied to his claims about winning the pools and betting on horses.”

Andrew’s Photograps Say it All

The tricks which this slime bag is trying, to con his victims into not realizing that his latest scam (MyAdvertisingPays, MAP or MAPS) has been exposed by the excellent consumer advocacy site RealScam. See RealScam Page 144 posts 3595 0nwards.

The latest nail in Simon’s coffin is a report from the ponzi promoting forum known as MoneyMakerGroup or MMG that they have listed MAP or MAPS in their closed, scam or offline programs.

When an advertising board like MMG no longer tries to pull the wool over people’s eyes and lists a program as closed, scam or offline, the program can safely be described as “dead in the water”.


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