Bourgeois Boheme. A Vegan Boot and Shoe Store, Situated in London SW14.

See BoBo’s new autum/winter collection. They offer contemporary styles that are ethically produced and free from all products derived from animal sources. The AW15 Transcending Collection can be seen at Bourgeois Boheme.

Alicia Lai the founder of Bourgeois Boheme, was my podiatrist for many years. I admired her dedication to her profession and her vegan ethics. The fact that she was a triathlon athlete impressed me and helped me to dismiss the ideas that a diet without animal products, was injurious to a person’s health.

Reverend Keith Roebottom
and his wife Christine, are my neighbours and friends. They were among the first to fly out To Sri Lanka in 2005 and join up with members of their Methodist Church in the area. They found It heartbreaking when they saw the devastation but they and a few other courageous people succeeded in creating some sort of order out of chaos. Ocean Stars has set up and run 15 pre-schools in the eastern province. OST supporters sponsor over 130 children for £10 a month. Please help Keith and Christine Roebottom with their brave endeavour or email Ocean Stars for more information.

This domain has no connection with, which was owned by the criminal Nichols Sminow.

Meningitis kills more children under 5 than any other illness within the UK. It can kill or maim within hours! The charity provides support to families who are torn apart.

Preventative & Comprehensive Health Care, Advanced Imaging & Diagnostics, Emergency Medicine, Laparoscopy, Complex Surgery, Acupuncture, Complementary Medicine.

Richard Bleckman, BVSc(Hons), MRCVS Principle Veterinary Surgeon & Director. Vet of the Year award 2000, Animal Health Trust. Nominee Vet of the year 2014, Pet Plan.

A consumer advocacy web site where many of the top echelon scam busters contribute. They include Heather Dobrott AKA Soapboxmum,” (the founder of RealScam),. the journalist Patrick Pretty, and Lynn Edgington, who is the founder and president of Eagle Research Associates. Scams are becoming more and more sophisticated. A group with members who can analyse them from from different perspectives, is extremely effective. A group with members who can speak many languages is even more effective. RealScam has members who can communicate in most European languages and others who abstract data originally written in other languages including Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian and Arabic.